wpkg flag 3 WP3 : Impact of SBCC on ship infrastructure

EverLoNG supports the deployment of SBCC on board all types of LNG-fuelled ships – from bulk carriers and dredgers to ferries and cruise ships – which ply their trade at sea or on inland waters. This work package will study the shipboard integration of SBCC technology and its flexibility for large-scale use in multiple scenarios.

The effect of ship motion on CO2 capture is a crucial one for SBCC’s development pathway. The technology brings additional challenges, such as deck space, extra weight, an impact on the LNG vaporisation process and onboard heat management. These are key research questions being investigated by work package 3, with our findings providing guidelines on retrofitting SBCC or integrating it into newbuild ships.
We will take previous SBCC studies to the next stages of standardising the technology and accelerating its full-scale deployment.