wpkg flag 1 WP1 : Demonstrating ship-based carbon capture

Ship-based carbon capture (SBCC) will be demonstrated on board two LNG-fuelled ships provided by TotalEnergies and Heerema using EverLoNG's prototype. The prototype will be designed, engineered, built and operated within WP1. Extensive testing will allow us to address key knowledge gaps and prepare SBCC technology for commercial use (TRL4 >TRL7).  

Ten tonnes of CO2 will be captured on board TotalEnergies' LNG carrier, during a 3000-hour test campaign, providing data on environmental emissions and the impact of motion on capture rates, capture solvent behaviour and degradation. A second campaign of around 500 hours of CO2 capture operations on board Heerema’s Sleipnir ship will allow us to compare the system performance on both ships to provide further insights.

The onboard capture plant prototype is a key innovation of the EverLoNG project. Data from this work package will feed into cost and life cycle assessments in Work Package 4.

An infographic showing Captured CO2 being taken from ships with SBCC technology to port. The CO2 is then shown to be either sent for utilisation or to a geological storage site.