April 2024 Consortium Meeting


EverLoNG partners gather in Leiden, the Netherlands, for an important meeting as the project enters its final year.

Hosted by Heerema Marine Contractors and held over 2 days (April 9-10), the latest consortium meeting provided the ideal opportunity to assess progress made to date and to discuss the finer details of the upcoming capture demonstration campaign aboard the SSCV Sleipnir.

Appropriately, day 1 took place on board the gargantuan Sleipnir crane vessel, the largest of its type in the world, while docked at the Port of Rotterdam. This allowed the consortium a ‘front row’ view of the capture prototype unit in situ and gave them the opportunity for in-depth discussions with each other and key crew members – all vital for an improved understanding of the campaign and to its chances of success. The Sleipnir will host the project’s eagerly awaited second demonstration campaign, which is expected to start in Q2 2024.

Watch the Sleipnir demonstration campaign video

Day 2 was spent in the slightly less industrial setting of the Heerema offices in Leiden. Topics discussed included the initial results from the first demonstration campaign aboard the Seapeak Arwa, which demonstrated capture rates up to 85%, as well as initial thoughts on what work needs to be continued beyond the scope and timeframe of the EverLoNG project.

Watch the Seapeak Arwa demonstration campaign video

Sleipnir fun facts

  • The vessel’s 8 ballast pumps can fill 10 Olympic swimming pools every hour.
  • The Dynamic Positioning system can position the vessel with an accuracy of 10cm.
  • With all thrusters deployed, the Sleipnir has a maximum speed of 12 knots (22km/hr).


What’s next?

The meeting facilitated those all-important face-to-face interactions that are so vital to the success of a multi-national partner project such as this. And at a key juncture, too, with results from the demonstration campaigns and from across the various work packages now starting to make their way into the public domain.

The consortium would like to thank Heerema Marine Contractors for their overall hospitality and for making the Sleipnir visit possible.

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Sleipnir crane vessel

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